We carry a diverse inventory from good used steel pipe to new prime surplus and secondary pipe. We can also offer Rolled and Welded Pipe from 28” O.D. to 144” O.D. Your order can be processed into dead lengths or cut to your specifications. Several coatings are available from bituminous coating to fusion bond epoxy.

Please call for prices on Steel Pipe for any construction application, including:
Horizontal or Directional Bore Casing
Dredge Pipe
Steel Pipe Piling
Drilled Shaft Foundation Casing
Tunnel Liners.


The pipe for sale from our yard is sold as is,bare pipe, meaning, there's no coating, inside or outside. Bare steel pipe will eventually corrode or rust.  To help extend the life of your steel pipe, a variety of coatings are available to you.  When you request a particular coated pipe, coated inside and/or coated outside, you have a choice of the following applications:

Bituminous Asphalt Coating

This coating is black in color.  This fast coating process provides the protection required for most underground structural steel pipe. This is the least expensive method we offer for pipe coating for cathodic protection, and we are able to provide reliable response times because this is the least complicated coating process that we offer.  Primarily used for road bore casings and other casing pipes. The principal uses for asphalt coatings include internal and external application to carbon steel pipe.  Our bituminous asphalt coating has been tested to meet ANSI-A21.4 and AWWA C104 specifications for potable water, and has been found to be acceptable and is certified to NSF Standard 61.

Epoxy Coating - Sprayed Application

Primarily red or gray in color.  The epoxy is a two-part sprayed application.  Typically, epoxy based coatings are used in heavy-duty service conditions such as chemical plants, bridge piling structures, and pipelines. The coating has an excellent resistance to immersion in salt-water, above ground extreme temperature swings and abrasive wear and tear.

Primer Coating

You can choose to have the bare pipe only coated with primer.  The most common primer coating is red in color.  It is available in a standard Tnemec Primer or a two part epoxy primer.  This is especially useful if you are required to apply an exterior coating on site.

Available Charts

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